Electric Space Model * EXCLUSIVE * details released 2022 ESTC

Published: Tue, 10/11/22


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If you have any interest in the ELECTRIC SPACE models and related, then this is a must see presentation. The Stellar Transformer presentations have been given before but some information is exclusively released for the first time 

In this presentation, Bruce Leybourne and David Johnson co-present the interplay between Field Aligned Currents in the ionosphere and Induction Currents charging Earth’s core. They show that climate change is driven by a transformer effect between plasma ring currents coupled to solar winds, which induce telluric currents in upper mantle structures grounded to the core. This transformer effect is strongest at the south-pole where the polar plasma jet is more strongly coupled to an upper mantle ridge structure encircling Antarctica.

This effect exerts climate control over the planet via aligned tectonic vortex structures along the Western Pacific rim, electrically connected to the core. This is consistent with the “Earth Endogenous Energy” theory (Gregori, 2002 – Earth as a rechargeable battery/capacitor). Intense solar outbursts result in intense plasma impinging upon Earth, creating a modulating effect to atmospheric pressure, global Jet Stream patterns, global warming and cooling cycles. These changes are directly linked to charging and discharging phases of the Earth and result in fluctuations of Earth’s magnetic field cycles in rhythm with the climate.

This is a comprehensive presentation, which goes into much more than what is mentioned above and some concepts are presented for the first time.

Watch the preview and get a copy here: https://emediapress.com/shop/stellar-transformer-concepts-applications-and-monitoring-methods/

Aaron Murakami


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